I met him when he was sitting on the street playing on the guitar for money. I asked him if he knows which way is the music store, because I wanted to buy new strings for my guitar. He gave me the direction. Then I asked if he want to have few shots taken since I’m a portrait photographer. He agreed. We ended up on someone’s house roof top taking pictures for one hour. Vitus – because that’s his name – have dog called Icarus. They travel together. They started at New Brunswick, around five years ago. Since then, Vitus tries to experience life from all angles. He plays Blues, Folk, and Rock and Roll.

Visit Vitus’ website.


3 Responses to “vitus”

  1. 2 Vitus Wight 2011/06/20 at 10:31

    Hey Adam! I dont have a computer yet but i am going to give you some props from the site! the shots look great and it was awesome working with such a driven photographer!

    Hope all is well,

    Vitus Wight

    • 3 graba 2011/06/29 at 20:48

      Hey Vitus! Thanks man, we’re in contact. It was pleasure working with you and Icarus!



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